News: Virtual Webinar: Innovation in Time of Crisis

Innovation in Time of Crisis

Virtual Webinar: Innovation in Time of Crisis

On July 8, the Chicago Connectory hosted a virtual webinar, Innovation in Time of Crisis with member, Sente. This virtual webinar brought corporate and startup perspectives to have an open conversation around innovation during a global pandemic.

We were joined by three speakers to share their experiences and thoughts on how this crisis is changing the way corporates and startups innovate and collaborate.


Dennis Boecker shares, “This situation is like a double-sided sword, on the one hand, there is a chance because co-innovation with startups is a big chance to de-risk investment to focus better and place bets on multiple different things with less investment. On the other side, it’s very important to utilize all the chances that we’re having so from my point of view, it’s very important to have a robust innovation management system in place right now with the tools and instruments very well defined, the process is very well-define and then to run through such situations like the economic crisis right now and move on and try to push even harder on those outside in-innovations aspects.”

Serhat Cicekoglu shares, “The most important engagement that we focus on is, there a commercial partnership like a customer supplier partnership that can be established, with a particular startup for a particular problem that matters to the corporation.”


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