News: Collaboration with Haworth, HumanSpace, and Spacebot


Collaboration with Haworth, HumanSpace, and Spacebot

The Chicago Connectory is proud to announce our collaboration with Haworth, HumanSpace, and Spacebot! Together, we will conduct a research study using sensors, furniture and survey data. This project will continue for the next months and our Connectory members will be able to participate as well.

On April 15, we hosted our virtual luncheon with our community members and mentors. We shared our collaboration efforts to involve our community as well.

As the project progresses, we will post updates here so stay tuned.

About Haworth:

At Haworth, we design, source, and manufacture products in the markets where they are delivered, ensuring solutions are tailored for distinct cultures and client preferences, greater agility, and more sustainable sourcing.  With our global footprint and diversity of ideas, we deliver the best in design thinking to clients’ wherever they are in the world. 

About HumanSpace:

HumanSpace™ identifies the workplace capabilities that are most important to the retention, performance, and stress of your workforce. Our predictive analytics are based on 50+ rigorous studies and over 40,000,000 data points across 120 countries and 12 industries. These tools can be applied to improve the quality of life and organizational return on investment for workers in the office, home, healthcare, and higher-ed settings.

About Spacebot:

At SpaceBot, we are experts in the development of data-driven insights about space utilization and the user experiences that are connected to the places in which those experiences happen. SpaceBot helps clients optimize the value proposition of the real estate they are invested in. We collect and analyze data to deliver valuable insights about how people use those buildings and spaces, and the quality of the human experiences they afford.

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