News: Chicago Connectory and Startup Catalytic Impress Attendees at CES 2019

Startup Catalytic Impress Attendees at CES 2019

Chicago Connectory and Startup Catalytic Impress Attendees at CES 2019

Last week, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wrapped up in Las Vegas. It is the largest consumer electronics convention in the U.S. with more than 180,000 people in attendance and more than 4,500 exhibitors, including Bosch.

This year, the Bosch booth invited the Chicago Connectory and startup, Catalytic, to exhibit in the booth and showcase an example of how the Chicago Connectory connects startups with corporations and builds key partnerships.

Throughout the convention, the Chicago Connectory and Catalytic networked and built important, new relationships with attendees from a variety of different companies around the world. They also showcased how the Chicago Connectory works with Catalytic and uses its process automation technology to save Bosch time and money in its legal and purchasing departments.

“We’re now deploying our technology to Bosch globally,” said Ted Shelton, Catalytic chief customer officer. “This will help improve Bosch’s operations by using intelligent automation to connect systems and people together and take routine work out of the equation so people can work on more imaginative and fun tasks.”

“The entire experience was good for the Chicago Connectory because we were able to connect to about 15 different startups and were able to better connect with Bosch global leaders,” said Dennis Boecker, founder of the Chicago Connectory. “The entire experience was extremely productive and beneficial for us.”

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