News: Sigfox Hacking House Pitch Event


Sigfox Hacking House Pitch Event

On August 26, the Chicago Connectory welcomed member, Sigfox, as they hosted their Hacking House Pitch Event in the space. Back in June, Sigfox launched the Hacking House program at the Chicago Connectory. It is a 3-month program opened to students, freelancers, and IoT entrepreneurs. The Hacking House Pitch Event provided the opportunity for the six teams to display their IoT solution that tackles real life issues in Chicago and abroad.


Sigfox Innovation Program Manager, Alberto Mannil, opened the event with warm welcomes to all the teams, judges, and attendees. He then introduced, Raouti Chehih, Hacking House founder and CAO of Sigfox. “There is a lot of promise around IoT. The technology, money, and companies are there for IoT. However, there is a lack of skills. This is how the Hacking House has come together because we need to find the right skills in this upcoming topic”, Raouti stated as he spoke about the inspiration behind the start of the Hacking House program.


The six teams participating in the Hacking House Program included:

·       Smart Bracelet – a heart rate bracelet to improve health in Columbia

·       Thoreu – a wireless sensor to improve agriculture yields and reduce water quality

·       SURGE – a sensor network to track traffic pricing

·       Smart City Group – a solar powered sensor to prevent bridge collapses

·       W.A.T.E.R – a sensor to analyze the water with emending resources

·       Sano Seat – a sensor attached to wheelchairs that improves and prevents poor care of elders


Thank you Sigfox for organizing an inspirational night and fantastic job to each participating team. We look forward to seeing your next steps!

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