News: Getting Started with Sigfox IoT Connectivity


Getting Started with Sigfox IoT Connectivity

The Chicago Connectory welcomed Sigfox USA to present their ongoing activities to engage IoT entrepreneurs in the greater Chicago market. They support and encourage those to innovate and accelerate connected solutions on a global scale. The collaboration between both companies is based on their mutually shared goal in supporting starts-ups with knowledge, skills, and support that is necessary to get started in the market. This was the first live stream of the Chicago Connectory Tech Talks, opening the platform for the Guadalajara Connectory to participate. 

“We are excited to be working with Sigfox USA on expanding IoT knowledge to the Chicago community and beyond”, explains Fermin Fernandez, Manager of the Chicago Connectory.

Guest speaker, David Baughman, Field Sales Engineer at Sigfox USA shared insight on their creations that provides simple and timely solutions with the support of IoT. Sigfox USA is a startup that is the U.S network operator for the global IoT public 0G network provider. Sigfox is designed to connect billions of devices to the Internet while consuming as little energy as possible. As one of their goals is to stay energy and cost efficient, they are able to offer their IoT tools at a low cost rate to allow IoT-based start-ups to obtain them. David shared current use-cases with the audience, and opened the floor for discussion. Learn more about Sigfox USA!


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