News: Shanghai Connectory Opens – First Connectory Location in Asia


Shanghai Connectory Opens – First Connectory Location in Asia

As China’s largest city, Shanghai has adopted a blend of East and West culture allowing a face-paced path of innovation to move forward.

On April 18, Bosch and its partner Caohejing Hi-tech Park Innovation Centre opened the Shanghai Connectory, an IoT co-creation space. Located in an iconic three-story building, the Connectory will provide resources for IoT startups in their early stages of business development. The Shanghai Connectory will focus on supporting external entrepreneurs and corporate partners, as well as mentoring and educating the Shanghai community in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Shanghai Connectory is the first Connectory space to be located in Asia Pacific, and is now part of the continuously growing global brand with additional locations in Chicago, Stuttgart, Guadalajara and London.

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