News: Onshape Presents its Cloud Platform for Product Development

Onshape Presents its Cloud Platform for Product Development

The Chicago Connectory recently launched a regular speaker series to help businesses tackle issues that can arise when working with the Internet of Things (IoT). Working with IoT can be difficult since it features aspects of both software and hardware. With that being said, certain tools can make working with this technology easier, such as Onshape.

On Thursday, April 4, the Chicago Connectory welcomed Onshape to lead a webinar and show a demonstration of its cloud platform for product development.


Here are some of the platform’s features.

·       It is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is built off of MongoDB database.

·       Anything created and updated in Onshape is always live and in real time.

·       People can share access and edit simultaneously no matter where they sit in the world and in real time.

·       There are no installs necessary.

·       It is compatible with MAC, Windows PC, Linux, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

·       It is a professional CAD system.

·       It has formal release control and version control built into the platform so users don’t need to go into multiple systems to move the product lifecycle forward.

For more information about Onshape, please contact the Chicago Connectory team.

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