News: Mayor Rahm Emanuel Shares Roadmap for Mobility in Chicago


Mayor Rahm Emanuel Shares Roadmap for Mobility in Chicago

On March 14, the Chicago Connectory welcomed back Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the second time this year, to present a progressive and innovative roadmap for the future of mobility and transportation in the city of Chicago. The future-looking roadmap includes the New Transportation and Mobility Task Force created by Mayor Emanuel back in September 2018.

The event started with Chairman of the Task Force, former US Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, speaking about the importance of the Task Force and its purpose in Chicago. Later, he introduced Mayor Emanuel who provided further details of the Task Force.

The Task Force has 20 experts and leaders from government, business, research institutions, neighborhood and civic organizations, and not-for-profits in the transportation, mobility and technology sectors. In the last 6 months, the Task Force researched and gathered information from over 40 industry experts to support their vision on Chicago’s transportation system. This process allowed the Task Force to take current challenges within Chicago’s transportation system into consideration when developing their roadmap for Chicago.

Below are the principles set by the Task Force, from which seven interdependent recommendations to support the transportation system were developed.

Task Force Principles:

  • A transportation system that is safe for all users
  • Mobility choices that are accessible, equitable, affordable and non-discriminatory
  • Economic development that is inclusive and innovative
  • A city that is efficient, smart and reliable
  • Communities that are sustainable, healthy, and built using universal design principles
  • Data and information that is actionable, transparent, shared and secure
  • Regulation of private providers that is guided by public benefits


Seven recommendations to support the transportation system:

  1. Streamline governance and management of transportation system and policies within and across city departments, agencies and private sector
  2. Develop uniform, detailed and secure data sharing requirements between public and private entities
  3. Support investments in transportation infrastructure to meet the City’s mobility goals
  4. Encourage mode shift to right-sized capacity and increased passenger mile efficiency
  5. Build an accessible, affordable and convenient multi-modal transportation system
  6. Advance a transportation and mobility system that promotes the environmental health and sustainability and improves overall livability of the city
  7. Prepare Chicago for Connected and Automated Vehicles

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