News: The Chicago Connectory and mLab Host a UXD Chicago Meetup

The Chicago Connectory and mLab Host a UXD Chicago Meetup

The Chicago Connectory and mLab Host a UXD Chicago Meetup

The Chicago Connectory sponsored a UXD Chicago/Bosch mLab meetup on the evening of Dec. 19. UXD Chicago is a passionate and innovative group that comes together to envision the future of design by hosting events that facilitate conversations, networking and learning from knowledgeable speakers. Bosch mLab is a team of skillful innovators who work to inspire and accelerate mobile products with emerging technologies inside and outside of Bosch. The two groups came together to host a meetup that discussed trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and key use cases to look out for in the future.

The meetup began with networking and an introduction to the event by Emily Malin, Sr. Mobile Business Consultant from mLab and Angela Garner, Office Manager at the Chicago Connectory. Emily kicked off the meetup with a warm welcome to all attendees and discussed the importance of the collaboration meetup of UXD Chicago and Bosch mLab.

Co-organizers Chris Orebaugh and Donna Becerra then introduced the three panelists from Chicago’s design community who shared their insightful perspectives on advanced challenges and opportunities with AI.

The participating panelists included:

  • Joe Meersman, the Director of Design Strategy at IBM.  
  • Dean Malmgren, the Executive Portfolio at IDEO.  
  • Danyell Jones, the UX Research Lead at ZS.   

After the panel discussion, the floor opened up for an engaging Q&A session with the attendees.

Overall, attendees enjoyed the discussion and networking event saying, “Fantastic intro about a topic that is so important and yet so misunderstood. All the speakers were knowledgeable and insightful.”

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