News: 6 Ways the Internet of Things is Improving the Quality of Urban Life


6 Ways the Internet of Things is Improving the Quality of Urban Life

Cities throughout the world, including Chicago, are utilizing IoT innovations to make themselves smarter! And why not? This is the future, after all. In Chicago, for example, a “Ventra card can pay for rides on various modes of the city’s transportation system—CTA, Pace and Metra. With the introduction of the card’s app, the city is also experimenting with adding bikeshares.”

As the third largest city in the U.S., and as an IoT leader, “Chicago is looking to encourage other cities around the world to become smarter by sharing the open source code it has developed, hoping other municipalities will reciprocate: Cities could build on one another’s achievements without reinventing the wheel each time.”

Chicago is a hotbed for innovation and for IoT. As leading IoT co-creation space for the greater Midwest, the Chicago Connectory is proud to be providing a place for entrepreneurs and IoT professionals to develop their smart city and IoT solutions.

Not specific to Chicago, Bosch is currently working with Daimler on an “alternative system that uses sensors in cars to track vacant parking spots. The sensors send that information to the cloud, which then guides other drivers to open spots.”

There are many ways IoT today can and in the future will improve quality of urban life. To learn about other examples in other cities throughout the world, follow this link to read the full article by Forbes

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