News: Implementing an Analytics Initiative


Implementing an Analytics Initiative

On Wednesday, May 22, Connectory member Promotable hosted Ravi Krishnan at the Chicago Connectory. Promotable has the goal to provide education solutions that empower data fluency, career potential, and advancement. By making data and data analytics accessible, Promotable is helping people become better equipped for the changing, data-driven job market.

Ravi Krishnan is the senior manager of enterprise data strategy at Discover Financial Services. Ravi’s presentation, ‘Implementing an Analytics Initiative’, is a part of Promotable’s educational series at the Chicago Connectory.

In his presentation, Ravi explained the four elements of implementing an analytics initiative – people, process, technology, and data. Whether it’s the sponsors, stakeholders, participants, or users themselves, Ravi emphasized that “people are the most important aspect of data analytics.”

In the implementation process, teams must be agile and empowered to make decisions and experiment. Additionally, the correct data should be processed through the right technology, and technology can differ depending on the needs of the ‘doer,’ user, and other stakeholders. Data analytics is about taking the correct people and using processes, technology, and data to make better, more informed business decisions.

Ravi’s presentation concluded with a Q&A session with the audience filled with both experts and newcomers in the data analytics field. 

Thank you Promotable and Ravi Krishnan for another great event!

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