News: IBM Returns to the Chicago Connectory for our first Hybrid Event!


IBM Returns to the Chicago Connectory for our first Hybrid Event!

On August 12, the Chicago Connectory welcomed back the IBM team for our very first hybrid event, IBM Visual Inspector iOS Application Demo. Morgan Rankey, Client Technical Professional at IBM and Anthony Nelson, Maximo and TRIRIGA Solutions Specialists at IBM presented their innovative solutions using the Visual Inspector application.

Morgan was able to interchangeably walk through the steps through the web browser for our audience who joined virtually, as well as showcase the steps on his iOS devices for our limited audience in the space. Their concept of simplifying and making these devices able to communicate with another showed users that you are able to be present without being on site. Once the application is opened on the iPhone, it utilizes the camera app to start the capture and detection process. From here, the application is able to detect the good, bad or missing product to indicate the problem. The application then allows you to send communication via SMS with the data collected to share back the details of what is or not working, and if something is missing.

Tony took it to another approach to show the accuracy of the application, that it not only detects real products but can use the capture and detection model even on a toy LEGO car. He showed the before and after of removing the wheel on the toy car. The application displayed the “yellow tire” was missing.

The in-person participants were able to network with IBM after the event and ask directly specific questions about the presentation.

Thank you to Morgan and Anthony for hosting another great interactive session. We look forward to more hybrid events together!

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