News: The Chicago Connectory and Bosch Host the Hour of Code

The Chicago Connectory and Bosch Host the Hour of Code

The Chicago Connectory and Bosch Host the Hour of Code

As the world continues to shift toward the Internet of Things and automated solutions for day-to-day life, the value of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education will only become more pronounced. It is increasingly important to inspire the next generation of innovators and equip them with the knowledge and tools to drive development in their future careers.

The Chicago Connectory and Bosch are committed to these initiatives, which is why they collaborated with Hour of Code for the second time to bring computer science and coding classes to children in the Chicago area. The Hour of Code is a global organization focused on enhancing computer-technology education for people of all ages.

During the first week of December – known globally as Computer Science and Education Week – Bosch associates in the Chicago area tutored 40 six- to fourteen-year-old students on the basic skills of coding. Attendees enjoyed one-hour sessions hosted in technology-focused, collaborative spaces, including the Chicago Connectory.

The sessions were greatly enjoyed by all instructors, students and parents who attended and each participant went home with some new-found coding skills!

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