News: Chicago Connectory Hosts Digital Duplicate Meetup

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Chicago Connectory Hosts Digital Duplicate Meetup

On Wednesday, Dec. 5 the Chicago Connectory hosted a “Digital Duplicate” meetup, sponsored by the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association (ILAVA).

Throughout the evening, about 10 participants enjoyed a lively conversation about the future of creating digital duplicates as a basis for improving operations and planning of transportation, streets and roadways, and the different ways autonomous vehicles can become involved.

Participants listened to a presentation about MANDLI Communications, a leader in mobile data collection, and heard all about their advanced technological solutions in highway data collection.

“There is a true difference between mapping and digital duplicates,” said Jerry Quandt, ILAVA executive director. “With mapping, you only collect the information once. With digital duplication, you collect the data over and over and over. A digital duplicate is literally a model of a city, which includes multiple layers. It’s like the matrix!”

Through using this technology, departments of transportation throughout different cities, states, and even the country, can determine the quality of roadway assets (medians, islands, signs, etc.) and best determine what needs to be replaced, etc.

Jerry added that GE already took this concept and used it to optimize its wind turbines, jet engines and more. Other companies also use this technology to optimize factory floors and simulate various scenarios to improve planning and optimization.

“If you can implement this technology, you can manage traffic much more efficiently and effectively, even where we get to the point where we don’t need traffic lights,” Jerry said. “Our vehicles will be smart enough where the data and information has been fed to them. It’s a beautiful end goal!”

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