News: Distributed Ledger Technology, Economy of Things @ Bosch


Distributed Ledger Technology, Economy of Things @ Bosch

On June 4, the Chicago Connectory hosted Uwe Roehm, manager of process integration at Bosch.

Uwe’s presentation was part of the Chicago Connectory’s “Tech Talks” series. It focused on Bosch’s approach to Distributed Ledger Technology and his involvement in the Economy of Things project at Bosch.

For Bosch, the Economy of Things project brings IoT connected devices, DLT and smart contracts together. It focuses on making connected devices into economic devices, allowing devices to do seamless business, and moving towards autonomous legal entities.

Uwe also discussed Bosch’s involvement in the Trusted IoT Alliance. The alliance’s goal is to create an ecosystem with security, interoperability, scalability, and performance. Outside of Bosch, the Trusted IoT Alliance includes enterprises such as Cisco, UBS, Siemens, and Chicago Connectory member IOTA. 

Check out Uwe’s presentation on our YouTube page!

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