News: Design Sprints with Moonshot part 2: Consumer Journey Mapping


Design Sprints with Moonshot part 2: Consumer Journey Mapping

On July 31st, the Chicago Connectory hosted Moonshot by Pactera for part two of their Design Sprints workshop.

Lead by Mike Kim, digitalization practice lead at Moonshot, the focus of this second session was to teach attendees how to create a future their customers will love in a matter of days rather than months or years. Using the FUEL methodology, participants combine design thinking and lean innovation to accelerate their growth.

Over 110 design sprints in 3 continents and +2,000 Post-its later, Moonshot truly believes in the effectiveness of the design sprint. Whether it’s changing the product, people or process, companies like Slack, Lego, and Google are implementing design sprints.

During the workshop, Mike split the audience into groups and asked them to create a journey map for users. A journey map allows you to see different parts of the experience and identify and align these with critical opportunities. Journey maps can be broken into four sections: discover, learn, use, and goal. After mapping the different journeys for returning online purchases, purchasing groceries, and planning a vacation, the groups came together to discuss the challenges they face.

“Everyone thinks they’re creative until they’re told to be creative,” said one audience member about journey mapping. Mike reiterated the importance of not limiting yourself to existing products and solutions when journey mapping or participating in a design sprint.

Thank you to Mike Kim and the team from Moonshot for hosting their workshop at the Chicago Connectory. We look forward to their next session!

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