News: The Chicago Connectory Welcomes the Data & Human-Centered Design Meetup


The Chicago Connectory Welcomes the Data & Human-Centered Design Meetup

On February 7, the Chicago Connectory hosted The Chicago Data Visualization Group at the Data and Human-Centered Design event organized by Bob Corporaal, principal designer at CLEVER°FRANKE and Tom Schenk Jr, director of analytics at KPMG. The event focused on how human-centered design and data analytics can come together. Guest speaker, Ann Conway, director of design strategy at IIT Institute of Design, also spoke about how design and data science specialists can collaborate to improve outcomes.

To start off the event, audience members were invited to participate in a data storytelling exercise. Attendees were asked to look at a data table and try to make sense of the information that was presented. From there, they were asked to discover a hidden pattern and tell a story. This exercise perfectly displayed the range of different creativity that can be produced from the same set of data.

Ann Conway then shared real life case studies that use human-centered design and data analytics to influence behavioral change through data insights. The case studies all depended on qualitative and quantitative methods to drive accurate data for their customers. Ann walked the audience through a step-by-step process and listed which important factors need to be determined to make both qualitative and quantitative methods work in harmony by defining their values.

Design people, don’t be scared to get your hands on real data and data people, start asking design people to help you think about your big questions early, especially your value propositions.” –Ann Conway

The meetup concluded with a Q&A session, followed by a networking opportunity. Here’s what people had to say about the event.

The talk was a great opportunity to witness how data and design can intersect to help solve real world business problems,” said Josh Looby, senior analytics manager at VSA Partners“This was my first data event and I look forward to attending future ones!”

I think the event was very successful and I’m happy with the turn out,” said Bob Corporaal. “What I really liked about the presentation, was that it shows how you can bring the qualitative side of design and the quantitative side of data together. This creates more value for both companies and customers. She also showed it’s not a magic step and how you can overcome these complications.

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