News: Interactive IoT Demo with Industry 4.0 Use Cases

Interactive IoT Demo with Industry 4.0 Use Cases

Connectory visitors can now experience the Internet of Things through a new interactive demo. This demo unit, which features a variety of sensors and the ability to view real-time data, describes the whole stack partnership in the IoT ecosystem with hardware, connectivity and the cloud. Guests can easily use a flashlight to change the digital light sensor value, or they can twist the Bosch XDK back and forth to change the accelerometer value. The Losant IoT platform allows the user to view these changes immediately with the dashboards. Connectivity is provided by Sigfox.

In practice, there are multiple use cases associated with the Losant Sigfox IoT solution. Transportation in logistics, for example, could be significantly improved by continuously monitoring truck conditions such as temperatures, and vibrations or shocks for the delivery of sensitive goods. These travel conditions can even be monitored and controlled in highly remote locations that do not have cell phone access due to connectivity.

These goods can vary from food that needs to be kept at a certain temperature, to fragile and vulnerable products where shocks during transportation may impact future functionality. In such cases, the solution shown in this demo is capable of providing higher transparency and control for the sender throughout the entire transportation journey.

This demo demonstrates how Connectory partners recognize how important partnerships like these are in order to be successful in the IoT space. Bosch, Sigfox, and Losant bring unique expertise to the solution. Together, with their unique capabilities, they can truly deliver a solution to clients that will allow them to experience the many benefits of IoT.

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