News: Bolha-Convergence: Hardware & Marketing Deconstructed


Bolha-Convergence: Hardware & Marketing Deconstructed

On April 18, the Chicago Connectory hosted one session in a series of tech talks from Bolha. This was the first of Bolha’s series on technology and marketing where Nagib Nassif Filho, founder/CEO of Bolha, discussed how product innovation creates distinctive brand experiences for customers.

The tech talk series kicked off with an introduction of Bolha, and the company’s mission. Bolha is an award winning, international innovation smart marketing company. Bolha combines hardware, software, and digital fabrication to create unique, innovative products. These IoT wearable products collect real-time data to leave an impact all over the world. Bolha tackles real world situations and creates innovative solutions while collecting real time data.

Nagib spoke about the movement of technology, and the importance of digital and physical products coming together. Living in an era where everything is digital, Nagib uses experiential marketing with his products to make an impact with his customers.

“People remember this as it sticks with them, it’s the best way to touch people in the modern day”, Nagib explained.

Nagib was the technology developer for the Dress for Respect; a dress with multiple sensors to measure how many times women are harassed on a night out using touch sensors. The touch sensors connect to a control unit via Wi-Fi, translating each touch in real-time. The dress was meant to help bring attention to the real life issue of sexual harassment against women, especially in the nightlife scene. The goal was to leave a message with viewers that calls attention to the issue of sexual harassment while using real time data to support. Check it out.

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