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Education at Stuttgart Connectory


The Stuttgart Connectory is more than a community of startups and corporations. The space and community focuses on educating the greater Stuttgart community on the topic of IoT. The Stuttgart Connectory team continuously engages with local universities and educational organizations to offer a variety of programs related to IoT education, including hosting hackathons and recruiting fairs, connecting universities with corporations for case studies and more.

Case Studies

The Connectory facilitates class projects between universities and corporations. These projects have focused on topics such as connected construction, urban mobility and more.


Hosting hackathons is one of the ways the Connectory community engages with students and universities.

Tech Hiring Fairs & Events

Our IoT community hosts tech workshops, events and hiring fairs, like the DiversiTech Hiring Fair, which are open to the public. University students are welcome to attend these events.


The Stuttgart Connectory team welcomes universities and other educational organizations into the space to take a guided tour, interact with our IoT experiences and be inspired by the Internet of Things.

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