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IoT Community Members

The Chicago Connectory is proud to be the central hub for the Chicago IoT ecosystem, an active catalyst for IoT innovation and a dedicated source of IoT expertise. We are excited to work with great members who both benefit from and contribute to this growing ecosystem.

The Chicago Connectory focuses on building communities in mobility solutions, smart city, Industry 4.0 and connected construction. Check out our member directory to learn more about our community member companies and what they are working on.

The Drive & Control Company
A design agency that uses data to create interactive products and experiences.
Dynamic Mobility Solutions
Enable the continued transformation of mobility that autonomous vehicles will provide People, Communities, Government & Business in Illinois.
The next generation of Distributed Ledger Technology
Talk to JETRO First about business in Japan!
Where ideas get momentum
Digital Ambitions Brought to Life
Automated parking lot monitoring


Favicon Connectory

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