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What We Do

Supporting product teams who are striving to build bold, visionary new products is hard. Doing it every day like it’s your job is even harder.

But at mLab, it is our job. We are Bosch’s strategic consultancy that works with both internal teams and external partners to give their products extra momentum. Our team has a diverse set of backgrounds spanning innovation, IoT, design, marketing, consulting and entrepreneurialism, so no matter where you are in your product development process, we have the right skills to help you remove the roadblocks and charge ahead.

Our most powerful tool is our willingness to ask questions, but our secret weapon is a collaborative, iterative process that we use to help friends, partners, coworkers and colleagues nurture new ideas, and make the very most of the ones they’ve already developed.

We are mLab. Your secret consiglieri and your biggest cheerleader, we give momentum to product concepts and bring game changing new technologies to life.

Our Services


Don’t just follow the trends- create them. We unlock the potential of emerging technologies and identify how they can strategically benefit your team.

  • Market intelligence


  • Whitepapers, blog posts
  • Crowdsourcing


What could be better than having strategic coaching for your product concepts from people who already know how to run the race? By combining deep business insights with digital innovation, our workshops and counseling help you push your products past the competition. 

  • Educational resources
  • Innovation experience
  • Business Model Bootcamp
  • Product coaching
  • Funding strategies


We guide scalable, impactful products down the right path, whether that means bringing internal partners into Bosch or spinning out new products.

  • Product validation
  • Concept testing/prototyping
  • Internal alignments
  • Startup/partnerships
  • Challenge-driven innovation

Our Focus Topics-

  • Smart workplaces
  • Smart cities
  • Immersive reality
  • Robotics
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile applications
  • IoT

Visit Our Space

Our space in the Connectory is more than just an office, it’s a home to inspiring technology and ideas. We love to show off the cool projects we’ve been a part of. In our office, you can experience what automated driving feels like in Virtual Reality, dance with our Robot, Pepper, or test out the Bosch Next App, a smart workplace app. Our doors are never closed – stop on by so we can show you around!

Favicon Connectory

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Königstraße 78, 1st Floor
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