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Stuttgart Connectory Königstraße 78, 1st Floor 70173, Stuttgart

Während erste Hersteller bereits mit Ausstattungsoptionen für Ihre Fahrzeuge auf Abruf experimentieren, warten andere noch ab. Am 22.09. um 19 Uhr diskutieren unsere Gäste Achim Nonnenmacher, Product and Portfolio Lead “Software-defined-Vehicle” (Bosch), Daniel Riexinger, Senior Manager AI & Data Driven Business Models (Mercedes-Benz AG), Marion Gillich, Director Automotive (mm1) und Michel Lewalter, Manager Automotive (mm1) […]

Tech Talks: Serverless IoT

The Chicago Connectory 222 W. Merchandise Mart, #570, Chicago

Join us for Tech Talks at the Chicago Connectory. This session will give an overview of the Serverless Framework. Serverless IoT application development enables developers to focus on producing value-added business logic by minimizing, if not eliminating the undifferentiated heavy lifting required to deploy and manage IoT applications.This approach empowers small and nimble development teams […]

Design Sprints with Moonshot: Tips & tricks to facilitate lovable sprints!

The Chicago Connectory 222 W. Merchandise Mart, #570, Chicago

Join us for a monthly 90-minute workshop series for Design Sprint enthusiasts & practitioners to learn and apply new techniques right away! The Design Sprint is a 4-day process for answering big questions by co-creating prototypes and validating with real people. Popularized by Google Ventures, this innovation process is a human-centric, risk-averse, collaborative way for […]

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